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(As mandated by Governor Polis in order to dine in with us)

  1. Masks must be worn by all employees and guests age 3 years+ to enter and can only be removed when sitting at your table.

  2. There will be a very limited capacity for for dining in. Indoor and outdoor seating are both options, with at least six feet or more between tables. Once seated you may not change or move your table.

  3. Party sizes will be limited to 8 or less, including children. 

  4. NO RESERVATIONS- First come first serve basis only.

  5. During periods of high volume guests dining time will be limited to 1 hour 15 minutes from time sat.

  6. All guests must remain seated at their table  (ie no visiting other parties or children wandering).

  7. Only one person is permitted in each restroom at a time (with the exception of children with parents).

  8. Customers are asked to wait outside of the restaurant/ in cars and not crowd the front. There will be a check in list, and you will receive a text when your table is ready.

  9. Employees will do their best to maintain distance, and we ask customers to do the same.

  10. Use the front entrance for takeout pick ups and check ins, please exit via our North Side Patio.

  11. All condiments will be single use and per request.

  12. Customers are encouraged to pay by card rather than cash when possible.

We appreciate everyone's cooperation and commitment to making the dining experience safe and enjoyable for all. 

Dana Hallen, Aaron Mitrani, and the whole Rib City Team

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